Busy busy busy

We'll be verrrrrrrrrry busy today. In fact, after work just now, we were busy rehearsing some songs. While Marl edited some of the files, Jan and I dyed our hair roots. Yes, we did it by ourselves. Well, basically, I was the one who actually did it. LOL. Thanks to L'Oreal Feria for making our lives easier.
We'll have a few costumes changes tomorrow night. Two of which is sponsored by Zang Toi. And so we were also busy repairing our props and costumes. Can't really tell what they're gonna be. But they will definitely be ummm, different.
I don't know how it will turn out but we're hoping for the best. Oh, and I'm still the emcee of the New Year's Eve party this year. Poor guests! LOL.
When I wake up tomorrow, it'll be very hectic for us. We are doing soundcheck and stage blocking. We are booked at the hotel's salon to do our hair. I will have to RECALL the songs that I only sing on New Year's Eve, or whenever possible. Have to memorize all my songs because we are not bringing any songbook onstage tomorrow! We're doing few last minute touches on whatever we can improve. It will definitely be very busy busy busy!
I think the next time you'll hear from me is next year, so before this year ends, I'd like to greet you and your loved ones a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
May this coming 2007 bring all dreams to reality!

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!!! Lotsa hugs & kisses, chicken wings.. =)