Please pray for my family

I never liked him when I first met him.

I was about 9 years old then and I remember going up to my room when this Filipino-Chinese guest would visit my mom at home. My mom had been a victim of failed marriage and I was still 2 or 3 when she got separated from my dad. I grew up with my mom together with her sisters.

Being the only child, I grew up as a little princess. Literally. Bratty sometimes. And when my mom and Agong decided to live together, I felt like my kingdom has been trespassed. I had 2 brothers named Andrew and Christopher who I took care since birth. And I saw how Agong took care of my me and my mom. And that earned him my utmost respect.

I called him Uncle and he didn't have problems with that. It was hard to explain to my brothers at a later part why I call him that, now Selena is the one asking and it's even harder to explain to her! So anyway, he had been my father figure while I was growing up, but was still reluctant to be her daughter. As a teenager, I became rebellious thinking that he and my mom are trying to be too strict to me. I wish I knew better then.

Last April, he was diagnosed with a lung cancer. Stage 4. It broke my mom's heart. They tried to battle with the disease for months by trying chemotherapy & other alternative methods. But since I was told that lung cancer is an unforgiving sickness, there was no success. The hope gradually faded.

The last time I saw him was in October before leaving for KL. I could barely recognize him when I walked in our house. Just skin and bones. And he was telling me of another chemotherapy he wanted to do. He is a very strong person and he wouldn't give up just like that.

Just yesterday, my mom was called by his 1st family. To talk to Uncle on his, maybe, uhmmm, last stage. He's so fragile that he couldn't talk and couldn't move anymore. I'm not sure if he is still conscious. His health is deteriorating and so is he.

Please include our family in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

hi sis, i'm experincing the same moment as you. my best friend here is so sick. she's been diagnosed of having a Mix Connective Tissue Disorder or also known as Autoimmune Disease. instead the immune system fight against virus, toxin or bacteria but the system is attacking her. she's having a lot of infections in her body. skin, bone, muscle, lungs, urinary tract infection, facial muscle, tongue, throat, joint and also can't sleep at all. this MCTD mostly attack women. i'm the only friend she got that can help her in translating English to Cantonese and vice versa to doctors & specialists. but i'm too emotionally & physically exhausted. i gone thru a lot with her too especially in hospital and emergency department when a lot of tests done on her. the most heart broken experience was when i have to be with her in the minor theater for the Lumbar puncture procedure. she's shaking and cries. i nearly fainted, not becoz of the needles but i was shattered seeing her in this condition. now she's so weak and losing fate in fighting this disease. please include her in your prayer too. and God Bless your "uncle" and my friend SiSi. Sis Ritzz, please take care and regards to Datuk Marl and baby selena. my mum is here as my punch bag where i can release my tension on her. i'm lucky to have her here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarita, just read about your Uncle Agong. the same experienced we have year 1999 when my Loving Father diagnos of lung cancer too and its very painful for us...sabi ng doctor nasa advance stage na raw and no hope but were all hoping for miracle, but after 8 months of battling cancer still wala talaga and now his with the Lord's hand. please tell your mom to trust God! kasi He knows the desire of our heart and dont worry will include him in our prayer. thanks friend!