Who says I'm pregnant?

It has been a fairly quiet week at the lounge. Not much of regular guests. Lounge is mostly swarmed by hotel guests this week. I wonder where the locals are these days. Maybe they're saving up for the coming holidays. Or maybe a lot of year-end tasks to finish. Some might be on holiday overseas. Or whatever. Don't want to stress myself thinking about that. We're still doing a great job, as far as we're concern. We practise and work hard everyday to be able to give great entertainment each night.

I'm guessing that this headache that I've been having for a week now is not because I'm pregnant, as others have speculated. It's because of my eyes. Haven't worn my contact lenses for 9 months now and because we've been practising new songs lately and so I've been straining my eyes looking at my lyrics on the floor and trying to read size16 font!

And I'm not a doctor to give such diagnosis so don't mind my gibbering. And so are you! Just give me more possibilities other than I'm pregnant!!!

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