Marl gave his Xmas pressie to me a few days before the day itself. I just couldn't wait. The moment he said he had found the gift for me, I bugged him to death till he gave it to me. A cute Guess handbag. Very Saritacious I must say.
Selena wrote some letters to Santa but Santa just picked the gift she's always been wanting this year - a Tamagotchi! Not only that, Santa Claus also gave another Tamagotchi for mommy! Hahaha! That ripped me off, in fact. I found out that just having one Tamagotchi doesn't make sense because the newer versions of Tama's now are meant to connect to other Tama's. And that's the reason why Selena's Tama came with another one. Aside from the real fact that mommy has been acting like a kid lately and wanted to play with a Tama! LOL
I also got some Christmas pressies which I got from friends although Selena received the most of course. So I'd like to thank you, guys, for giving something from your heart out of Christmas spirit. We will always treasure it.
But, we actually don't mind late ones! LOL

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