Better (Sun)day

After a whole week of quiet business for the lounge, I was amazed at how responsive the people were tonight. After work, we went to Concorde to meet up with some friends. Some members of Beat Culture band (of Hyatt Saujana's RP) were there and we jammed with the Vision5 & B'Thru bands until 3AM. As expected, the manager of the lounge asked me to sing a Shakira song. LOL. It has been labeled with me, though I want to try something else sometimes. I attempted to jam songs from Britney, PCD and Ciara in the past, but still, management of Concorde wants me to sing Shakira.

Don't get me wrong, I adore Shakira and her songs. I know I should take it as a complement. But I do that for a living and I guess it's just fair to keep my mind off it when I'm not working.

Which is hard.

Because the moment I pass by the full-length mirror in the room, I'd gyrate infront of it. LOL. In fact, I don't even want to sing when I'm off from work.

Which is hard too.

Because I hate killjoys and it's very difficult to hate myself if I turn into a killjoy! LOL.

Oh well, I guess it's the lightheadedness that's talking now. No alcohol to blame this time! LOL.

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