Christmas sprain

Aside from suffering from post-Christmas fatigue, I am having a sprain on my left ankle. I twisted it badly as I almost FELL OFF THE STAIRS FROM THE STAGE on Christmas eve! We were on our last set and I was having a great time onstage. I went down, as usual, while singing a song and... slipped. Luckily I was able to hold on to the rails, but the guests on my side saw what had happened. It was surely humiliating but I laughed at myself.
I've been doing it for 5 years, the same stairs of the stage, sometimes running up and down several times in a set. I was quite thankful because the guest who's been shooting video throughout the night must have taken some rest and missed the great part of the evening. I would have persuaded him to give me a copy for my website! Hahaha!

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