Christmas party at 4AM

That's how it's been during the past Christmas eves we had here in KL. Of course, the bands who were involved were the ones we see most of the time and most of them are the Filipino musicians from Concorde Hotel. This year, the band from Park Royal Hotel and the male singer from Renaissance Hotel also joined us which made the annual party more enjoyable.
We usually had our previous parties on the corridor of the 3rd floor where Concorde staff stay. But a Filipino friend offered to let us use the massage centre on the 1st floor where it's more suitable for our party and noisy voices. Each band had to bring in food and we brought a turkey. At 5AM, we did our Kris Kringle - a small exchange gift we planned for the party. We had to draw names and pick one to give our Christmas gift to. The budget was not less than RM50 which was agreeable to all. Aside from the gifts we gave to the ones we picked, we also gave out small gifts for everyone. And I guess, Selena had the most received gifts. Anyway, Christmas is mostly for children.
We went back to the hotel at almost 7AM! Aside from the lethargy that everyone was suffering from, we had to find cure for hoarseness of voice because most of us had to perform on Christmas night even though it fell on a Monday, which was supposedly our off.
From the URB Band and little Selena, we'd like to thank the following persons who attended the small party we had and making this Christmas a wonderful one:
Chona, Sarah, Wacky, Bing and Edil of Peach Apple Tree Band; Vilma, Marjorie, Mayshel, Lester and Elmer of Vision 5 Band; Rhea, Mylene and Jeff of V-Rhythm Band; Weng (male singer) and Yza (local girl); Nanay Cora & Raquel (Sarah's family); Mike & Cem

Till next year again... hopefully...

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