Post-Christmas fun at Times Square

When I was a lot younger, I remember how my mom would take me to amusement park along with my brothers and cousins on Christmas day. And that's what I did with Selena, too. Along with "sissy" Jan. Poor Marl had to work.

We headed off to Berjaya Times Square after 4PM and ate at the McDonald's first. We then entered Cosmo's World, the biggest indoor theme park in Malaysi
a and the biggest indoor theme park I've seen. It wasn't that crowded but still there were lots of people because of school holidays. Entrance was RM25 for each adult and RM15 for each kid exceeding the height limit of 3 feet. Selena is a thrill-seeker like me and likes to ride thrill rides too. But unfortunately, they wouldn't let her ride in some thrill rides so she had to bore herself with kiddie rides and just tired herself out at the playground. Jan chickened out a bit but I was able to convince her to ride a couple of thrill rides. We just lost both our voices from shouting. LOL. Finished off the amusement fun with a some kiddie art stuff that Selena and Jan did.

My father arrived to KL with his family (now). I'm not that close to his family but I tried to get along with them. They are nice people but we can feel a bit aloof at times, especially with my stepmom. My siblings with him (2 brothers at 19 and 20 and a sister at) are nice kids too, but they're all grown-ups and taller than me. Maybe that's why I am intimidated by them! LOL. We managed to meet up at Times Square and have a short chat. Didn't want them to wait up and be late for their coaster. They travelled in a packaged tour. Hopefully I'll see them on Thursday again when they get back from Genting.

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