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Ready to go

My star says

Viva Las Vegas!

Shower in the hotel lobby

'Tis the season to be packing

Unexpected call

Family oriented weekend

Working it out again!

Why I should wear shorts


Happy Fathers' Day

Blogging tools

Shangri-La GM's reshuffling

Unsafe road

Breezy and wet

California Garden Square photos

CGS Condo Pictures

Selena's website up!


Selena's webpage


Unaccompanied minor

Selena to Manila

Peng You Lyrics

Princessette's 1st recording

Video & audio plans

By the Mactan shore

Lots of updates

Testing... 1... 2... 3...

The Transformation of a Princessette

Support for Santacruzan

Flores De Mayo

What is Santacruzan & Flores De Mayo?

It's June!