I'm not into men's sports, especially ball games. I was a volleyball player back in high school but I hated the fact that players are aiming for that one small ball, even hurting somebody else just to get the damn ball (oops, that was me)! If I was the referee, I’d just give each of them a ball, in their preferred design and size! Hahaha!

Same goes with racing. Stupid cars running in circles! Why don't they just make a straight road from the starting line to finish?

How about boxing & wrestling? I know they are getting paid big time for being punched and tortured. But there are people like me who wouldn't want to see blood gushing from their lips & eyebrows.

But different people have different preferences. And people are striving in their own little way to compete in this life. Some may win while others just wait for their turn. And few have lost hope & given up. Those who win may have the time of their lives but they must also be prepared for the prices to be paid in return. I don't know what exactly I came up with, but the "sports" thing popped on my mind because the Fifa World Cup season...

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