Family oriented weekend

This weekend has been a family oriented one, with my in-laws, that is.

On Saturday, we got invited to a baptismal lunch by one of Marlou's cousins' daughter. Once again, it was like a family reunion of the Cabusas clan. Since we came all the way from Lapu-Lapu City, we just headed straight to the reception at the house. Couldn't get up early for the baptismal rites at the church. When I entered the gate, everyone's faces lit up and those who saw me during the past Cabusas Clan Reunion asked me "are you gonna dance today?". I said, "of course not", while wiggling my butt which made them laugh so hard. I haven't even got my own plate when they played "My Hump", but I pretended as if I didn't hear anything and just went on to get my food. An hour later, they were successful to let me "grind" a bit. I don't know what's in this clan. They're a bit conservative, just like most of Cebuanos, but they love to see me dance. And when I start to even sway my hips, they'd start cracking up. Maybe it's with my comic aura? Guess so.

It's our off today. And by lunchtime, we headed to SM Cebu City to meet Marlou's cousin. Remember when I published that we were looking for a replacement singer for Brice? It's been months since I did that and a lot of wannabes have contacted us. And yesterday, out of the blue, Marlou was referred to his cousin who's also a singer. And that's whom we met up with today. We met up with Stacy, Marlou's 20-year old cousin, to get her picture taken at Snapshack to submit to our boss. Afterwards, we went to Stacy's brother, also a cousin of Marlou, who's a musical arranger. We stayed there until 4PM and then we went back to SM Cebu City to pick up Stacy's photo.

When we arrived SM, we were only supposed to just unwind and stroll around. But we saw a taping of a local TV show on GMA, Oi! The host of the pop singing contest is Rizza Navales, a friend of ours. In fact, she's the niece of Marlou's bestfriend and that's how I met her. We stopped by there and got engrossed with the show and chit-chatting with Rizza's family until 7PM! The particular taped episode of Oi! will be aired on August 6 at 11AM on GMA.

Talking about Rizza Navales, she's a recording artist now. Don't know which company though. She has won Gold at the Voice Olympics held in the US recently, together with Jed Madela. She's a talent of Ronnie Henares, the talent manager who made Regine Velasquez famous. Rizza owes her success right now to her manager who has spent a lot of money on her "aesthetic transformation". She doesn't deny this, in fact, it was even shown on national TV what kind of surgeries she has undergone before her album was launched last year. And knowing who she is, she really has transformed magically - outside. She's still the same girl with a powerful voice & down to earth attitude. I'm so proud of her and I wish her all the luck!

It was definitely great hanging out with some of your kins. I haven't chilled out with my cousins for quite some time. Most of them, I haven't seen for 10 years and some have families now. But hopefully, we'll be able to organize a JIMENEZ Clan Reunion (Jimenez is my mom's side).

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