Shower in the hotel lobby

We arrived at 6:30PM for work tonight only to find out most of the lights were turned off. There had been a major leak on the water pipe system so the water just poured down from the ceiling of the lobby, luckily just a bit in the lounge. It was a disaster because you'll never know whether you're gonna get drenched from where you're standing in the lobby. We even thought that we won't be able to perform (which we cheered about for a while) for the night. But luckily (and unluckily for us), they were able to fix it fast.

It was a rather busy and crazy night at the lounge tonight. A bunch of Korean couples which we call 'honeymooners' came as early as our 1st set. And we've had a good mix of entertaining crowd all through the night. It was indeed a fun night!

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