The Transformation of a Princessette

Today, I have witnessed a transformation that I will be proud forever. My princessette joined a Santacruzan or Flores de Mayo (Flower of May) for the first time. I was really glad that Marlou and I were there to support her, I know it meant so much for her.

Santacruzan is a traditional celebration all over the Philippines during the month of May. Chosen girls and boys from everywhere are being invited to parade on the streets to represent the different beautiful flowers of nature and the real beauty queens. Selena was chosen to represent the national flower of the Philippines, Sampaguita or Jasmine in English.

I woke up early today especially to go back to our house in Talisay to support our one and only princessette. I love preparing for our work everyday, but I was overly excited to make over my mini-me (oops, Daddy doesn't agree with that!). I first did her hair, put it a braded bun on top of her head. I fastened my infamous diamond hair accessory to make it look like a crown. I don't like her to wear the usual crown because I know most of the girls would be wearing almost the kind during the parade. She absolutely loved every minute of it, always asking me what's next. We of course had playtime in between and after, but I constantly reminded her not to sweat too much. I also made sure to just accentuate her beautiful face rather than changing it, using mostly pink & orange colors.

10 minutes before we left the house, time to wear her beautiful attire. It's an orange ball gown with a long train and a sexy back. She chose this by herself, very good taste! She looked soooo magically glamorous. It was something I wouldn't forget, how I was awestricken just by looking at my very own daughter. There she was, my playful and sweet baby, turned into a very beautiful young girl!

When we got to the starting point, we realized that tha parade has already moved and that we were a bit late. I was dragging my princessette carefully while Marlou carried the traditional arch or canopy, while the rest (Marlou's brother & family) tried to catch up on us. Almost halfway through the parade, it was me and Marlou who carried the arch/canopy! It was a rather funny situation for us because I have never carried an arch/canopy, ever in my life. So it was an overwhelming experience for us. But we passed it eventually to Marlou's sister-in-law and niece while Marlou and I took videos/photos. Of course, it's one big event we couldn't afford to miss among our photogprahic souvenirs.

The parade lasted for almost an hour. The parade was led by a marching band, angels, Flowers of May and the May queens. It led to the local parish Sto.Nino Church in Mohon, Talisay City. It was such a coincidence when it started drizzling just after the parade. My princessette was so hungry that she ate pandesals while hearing the mass.

We left for work (yes, it's still a working night!) at 6PM, brought along the wonderful memories of one of the greatest moments in our lives. Watch out for the beautiful photos on my PBase gallery!

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Anonymous said...

i laughed so hard imagining you and marl carrying the arch/canopy and catching up with the rest of the parade..hehehe...this is nice!

today is Sept 13 2006. i havn't visit your blog since May. I'm catching up :-)