'Tis the season to be packing

We need to pack all our stuff this week. Contract finishing all of a sudden? Of course not! We are asked to transfer to Shangri-La's Mactan Island Resort. Yes, they're providing us rooms since July 1st. That means it's time for some... TAN! Yeah baby! The only problem that I have there is the internet in the comfort of our room. I bet I wil have to go down to the lobby for the hotspot.

By the way, off-topic. It's almost every nite that I'd hit my teeth with a microphone while singing. Last night, I hit it once again, a bit hard that I thought I lost my front tooth. Luckily, no crack or chip. Thank goodness!

Nway, we don't have broadband internet for 3 days now. I'm blogging via Smart GPRS again.

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