"You're nothing, but a second rate, trying hard, copycat"

If you're not familiar with the Philippine cinema or movies, then you wouldn't be familiar with this famous line. Used by Lavinia (Cherie Gil) in the movie "Bituing Walang Ningning" where she was a supporting actress to Dorina (Sharon Cuneta). The famous line was said after Lavinia, a superstar, confronted her biggest fan, Dorina, who is becoming to be the next superstar after her.

The successful movie of the 80's is now a very successful TV soap opera. And Lavinia is played by Angelika Dela Cruz while Dorina is played by a real teen superstar, Sarah Geronimo. And of course this catch line is used again on this soap opera.

Listen how Selena delivered the line --- RIGHT CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
I saved it on my mobile phone & used it as a ringtone! Enjoy! Hahaha!

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