After a very tiring weekend, I went for a good therapeutic massage yesterday. It was for P200 (US$4) for an hour and it was really worth it. In fact, I dozed off on the massage table afterwarrds and had to be waken up by Marl. When we got home, I hit the bed before 11PM and only got up at 12noon today! Took lunch then went back to bed for a nap at 1PM and woke up at 5PM! So I had 15 hours sleep all in all! But the only downside of it was getting all sluggish the whole night. The energy was still there of course but since it was raining the whole evening, I felt like I wanted to get back to bed and tuck myself to sleep. Hmmm going back home now... all I can think of is... bed... hmm... pillows... ho-hummm... zzzzzz...
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