Peng You Lyrics

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with translation in English

Sa lahat ng luha, lagi kang may kasama
Through all the tears, somebody's always with you
Sa gitna ng ulan, karamay mo ako, kaibigan
Through the rain, I'm always there for you, friend
Tatahakin mong daan, di kita iiwan
On the road you're taking, I won't ever leave you
Di ka na mag-iisa, kaibigan
You are never alone, friend.

Peng you yi shen yi qi zou
Friends will always be with you
Na xie re zhi bu zhai you
These days are no longer here
Ating pagkakaibigan
Our friendship
Di magbabago kailanman
Will never change forevermore.

Peng you bu chang gu tan gou
Friend, we all have been lonely
Yi shen peng you ni hu dong
You will learn that our friendship will last
Kahit na magkalayo
Even when we're apart
Nandito ka sa king puso
You're always in my heart.

(Repeat All)
(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Yi ju hua, yi bei zhi

One word, one lifetime
Magkaibigan, kahit kailan
We'll be friends, forevermore.
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