By the Mactan shore

We went to the hotel early today, about 4:30PM. Marlou had a checkup on his month-long cough/asthma, so Brice and I also went for checkup. I complained about my throat, my voice has always been hoarse. And I was worried about my constant sweating that I might develop pneumonia or something like that. The doctor prescribed us some meds but also asked us to gargle with water and salt.

It was only before 5PM when we finished our checkup, so Brice and I strolled along the wide property of Shangri-La Mactan and along the shore line. We took some photos and we just chilled out by the beach. We went to dinner at 6PM.

I checked out my ShoutOut box on the main page and laughed at what I have read. It looked more like an announcement board to me! Hahaha! But it's fun, so guys, keep sending your messages there.

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