Happy Fathers' Day

I wish I could spend this day with the men in my life - my fathers. Yes, in a plural form. Not all of you know tuhat I was fatherless when I grew up because my mom raised me as a single parent. I still kept in touch with my father but we weren't that close because he had his own family even before separating with my mom. So, I've been longing to have a father & I can still remember the loneliness
& pain I felt whenever I see my friends & classmates being cuddled by their fathers. I still keep in touch with my father even though I have a stepfather now.

That's when I started to look for a father figure. I even dated older men because I was longing to have a father figure in my life. I started to feel close to older men, some of them are still my good friends until now. That's why at the age of 15, older men swarmed around me. And by 'older', I meant almost double of my age.

And I never really like young men, I would always go out with somebody who's at least 8 years my senior. I don't feel secured, pampered and loved, and I feel they're very immature if they're at least 5 years my senior. Take for instance my 1st boyfriend who was 24 when I was 15. Marlou was also 24 when I started going out with him when I was 16. You can call them cradle-snatchers but hey, what about those men who were in their 40's when they were courting me when I was 15? Hmmm just looking at a brighter side, lolz, those were the days...

I also have a few 'father figures' in my life that I look up to right now - not in the same thinking as when I was 15. These are the people I respect and love. So to all the fathers in the world who are loved by the people around them, HAPPY FATHERS' DAY! And if you think no one loves you, come to me, nyahahaha! Just kidding!


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