Unexpected call

We were already here in the villa, just relaxing after our dinner, when I had a call from Brice. Apparently, she's calling from the hospital. Her pilot husband, Zaldy, who came to Cebu to visit her for a week, had an accident while commuting with her. I don't know the exact details but I guess she was still in shock so I suppose I'd rather not ask her lots of repetitive questions that might have been asked from her by the police & hospital staff.

She told me that they hailed a public utility multicab (see example photo). Brice went inside and Zaldy was about to follow when the taxi next to it bumped into the loading multicab. The taxi driver was said to be sleeping or sleepy or drowsy or whatever you call that state. She hung up the phone then I rushed to the living room to tell Marlou what happened. Marlou asked me which hospital and I remember hearing "...Doctors Hospital". There are two possible hospitals with "... Doctors" on its name: Cebu Doctors and Mactan Doctors. Mactan Doctors is just 5 minutes aways from ours so Marlou and I headed there to check. But they're not there. Then I realized I wasn't sure if I heard it right. Blaming my deaf ears, Marlou drove back to our villa.

After hanging up the fone, I finally realized how lucky Brice was. Imagine if it happened 3 seconds later? It could have been both of them or maybe just Brice. God is great. But we're still worried because we talked to Zaldy a few days ago and listened to his great hopes and plans for him and his wife, Brice. I just hope they won't be ruined.

Update: Brice sent me SMS and told me it's Cebu Doctors Hospital

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