Princessette's 1st recording

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition has already come to its end last week. And everyone is still in a state of LSS - Last Song Syndrome. If you've been following the hit reality show, you might have been familiar with the Big Teen Winner Kim Chiu's friendship song called "Peng You" ("Friend"), which was sung by Taiwanese group Peng You (I know there's another version of this song by a Chinese solo artist - forgot his name).

Marlou used to sing this Chinese song a few years ago. And Selena has loved this song since the day she heard it from the show. She even wanted to practise the Chinese version. But the Big Teen Winner recorded this song with the hit acoustic duo, M.Y.M.P., and made a Chi-Galog (Chinese-Tagalog) version of it.

Today is Selena's last day in Cebu, she will be going back to Manila for the school opening. And as we have some cherished moments together this morning, we came up with recording this song. Selena has done an excellent job and you would agree with me, too!

Listen to Selena's 1st recording, Peng You
(right-click to download)

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