Blogging tools

There are lots of ways to blog especially if one has an account with Blogger, like me. I use the web-based when I'm on my PC, which has the complete tools like uploading pictures and such. I also use Hello software from Picasa to upload some pictures, but now I'm more into web-based blogging when I'm on my PC.

When I'm mobile, I blog from my iPAQ Pocket PC which has PocketBlogger and AvantBlog. I use the Smart GPRS sometimes but mainly I upload my blogs when I'm at work where there is a WiFi hotspot. That makes it easy for me to blog anytime, anywhere. And whenever necessary.

There are lots of ways to blog especially if you live in the US. What I like about other blogs are the ability to post pics and videos from their mobile phones like MoBlog, thru MMS. There's also Audioblogger now which can post your audio blogs in an instant using just any kind of telephone.

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