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Now you see it, now you don't

I just hit 500 subscribers on Youtube!

An Evening with Lea Salonga... Definitely!


Great week done

Sars as an actress? Why not!

Pixelpipe test: Typical KL weather

Pixelpipe orientation test

One Fine Day in KL

Don't mess with me, I just woke up

My 1,001st post on my 5th year as a Blogger :)

What's that over Concorde Hotel? - my 1,000th blog post

Congratulations to our princessette, Selena! - Now on video!

Bathroom Dance by Gagang Lady

Stop Domestic Violence

"Telephone" - Made in the Philippines

The SUPERHERO Collab: I'm in it! :)

My photoshoot with a local magazine

My SABAT interview with the Epal boys is out!

The greatest joy

Weeeee! Lotsa meeeee!

Best things are yet to come

I just signed up a new endorsement! :)