Congratulations to our princessette, Selena! - Now on video!

This isn't her first singing contest, but it is definitely her first BIG singing contest outside of her school and outside of the Philippines.

Selena Marie, our unica hija who represented KL Pinoy Online Community, joined the "Filipino Superstar" singing contest sponsored by DiGi yesterday. She was the youngest of the 30 contestants in the said competition, yet she wowed the audience and the judges with her rendition of a patriotic Tagalog song, "Isang Lahi", which led her to be the youngest (yet again) among the Top 5 finalists!

To all the contestants who did their best, kudos to you. It is not easy to stand in front of hundreds of people so congratulations to you, too, for being the representative of your corresponding communities.

To the other 4 finalists in the Top 5 along with Selena, congratulations to you. And to the top 3 who won the competition, you definitely deserve it! :)

To our friends who have supported us through their kinds words and messages, thank you so much! Selena has been reading all your messages & comments before, during, and after the competition.

And to our dearest princessette, Selena, congratulations and may this embark a great new beginning to your bright future. Although we are often separated by distance because of our work most of the time, you know that we will always be behind you in every step of your way. We love you soooooo much!

Here is her performance video! :)

The photos of the competition are on this gallery or you can view the slideshow below. All photos taken by the proud father, BadeeDadee. There are almost 300 photos though, so please be patient. :)

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Kuya Steve said...

Well Done Selena!
God Bless
Tito/Kuya Steve