My photoshoot with a local magazine

Couple of weeks ago, I got a call from a beauty writer of a local magazine, asking me to be a model for their beauty section. Who wouldn't say 'no' to it?!?! I mean, it's a magazine shoot and it will be a good exposure for me, too. So I said 'yes' and was sent some details and arranged my photoshoot with them.

Couple of weeks later, there I was, in a studio of the biggest publisher of magazines in Malaysia. I guess being punctual really shows one's professionalism but being more than punctual adds eagerness to do the job - so I arrived 20 minutes before my call time. I had to wait for the makeup artist who was having his quick lunch. But when he arrived, he spent ample of time 'beautifying' me. He used different kinds of products on me from Benefit, YvesSaintLaurent, but mostly from Chanel.

My shoot commenced right after that and finished in less than 20 minutes I guess. LOL. Although I wasn't satisfied and believe that I could have done better, they were pleased with some of the shots. And given the fact that they know what's beautiful and appropriate, it's better to leave it to the pro's. They said it will be released in July or August. Hope it's the former so I'd still be in Malaysia to be one of the firsts to see it.

Since being on the cover of MOD magazine in the Philippines as a recording artist in 1995, I consider this my first ever magazine shoot as a model. And I am hoping that this ain't the last.

PS: Almost a month ago, my friends Imelda Caday and Terry Teo had their first magazine shoot with the magazine - in the ranch. Since it was Imelda's first professional shoot, we were there to support her. And that's when I met the people from the said magazine and how it all began. :)

Update: Photos and magazine name were removed... til the issue is released. :)

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Miksas said...

Nice! Harbinger of great things to come... Big network TV interview comin' up (or done that already?)

Go, Proud Pinay! ;)