The SUPERHERO Collab: I'm in it! :)

I seldom do and upload videos of my own lately. Most of my recent videos on Youtube are taken from our performances. But I always love to collab videos with friends who are talented like Jason Telmo aka ChinaEyes22. This isn't the first time you've heard me mentioning his name on my website or blog, because I have already done collabs with him in the past and even would meet up with him whenever I'm back in the Philippines.

Here's a recent video collab that I'm in called The SUPERHERO Collab. Initially, we (the chosen participants) were assigned to do a super hero power and I was assigned to do the Sonic Scream. It was a last minute submission from me (as always).

And then just last week, Jason sent me a message and asked if I could lipsynch a part in the song "Cartoon Heroes" by Aqua. I was more than eager to do it. So I digged my green screen from my stuff and stuck in the wall of our bathroom where the lighting was awesome! See it for yourself!

PS: My Sonic Scream part is at 2:46. :)

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