Great week done

Thank God for another great week! After Selena's winning performance at the DiGi's Filipino Superstar singing contest, we've been busy keeping in touch with friends and family.
A lot of great news and offers came in our way. DiGi called and asked Selena to guest at the Philippine Independence Day event on the 13th of June. Too bad, she'll be going back to Manila before that.
As I have mentioned in my previous post, I've got an offer to guest in a local TV sitcom here. But no final words on that as of now so I can't disclose details yet. :)
As for Marl's photography, his recently posted gallery/album called Balinese gained lots of good comments from friends and fans. These shots were from the photoshoot we did at this Balinese property. The friend of my friend owns that private property that's situated just outside the busy city of KL. It's really beautiful and peaceful there.
You can find the Balinese gallery HERE or you can view the slideshow below.

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