Rain-Or-Shine Funshoot

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She was said to be powerful and she has been threatening to come and ruin everything. But glad that "Chedeng", the name of the supposedly super-typhoon, managed to maneuver and leave our beautiful, well-planned weekend behind. And even with the occasional rain showers, I was so excited to get it over with and told myself, the shoot must go on.

It was a rather gloomy morning but with the touch of the morning sun, our shoot went on as scheduled. I had prepared two concepts. The participants were our friends who we have worked with in the past funshoots and workshops and friends we have been in constant contact with on Twitter and Facebook. We also got another model named Denise who I have worked with in the past. I got my brother and his friend as our assistants or VA. During my second concept, it started to drizzle. We waited for it to stop and continued shooting under light drizzle, but eventually couldn't continue shooting. But thanks to Angelo Bautista, who provided the humor all throughout the day - even under the rain. 

Thanks to the participants Maela Claire Simpao, Angelo Bautista, Adrian Mendoza, Joyce Chua, Angela Lauchengco, Somewell Gadiane, Billy Galang, Marlon Faller. To our other model Franchesca Denise Lagua, and other people who have been a part of our funshoot. :-)

The models and fun participants

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