WPPP Photo Congress 2010

Top: Lito Sy, Badeedadee Marl & Manny Librodo;
Bottom left: A pic of me by Terry Conceja at the WPPP exhibit
Bottom right: Bruno Marls & Mini-me Selena
After our very successful funshoot at Paco Park on May 29th, we went to SM Megamall to enroll our daughter Selena at the Center for Pop Music Philippines for her voice and stage performance training. We were walking on the 5th level of the mall when we saw the Photo Congress 2010 at the Megatrade Hall so we decided to check it out. 
My name sticker that says SARITA:
Assistant of Manny Librodo =)

We saw that Mr. Manny Librodo, the portraiture master, is one of the speakers in the event on Monday so I just sent him a message to let him know that we were at SM Megamall and that we would love to see him. He immediately replied us that he's at the event, too, so he asked us to come in and check out the exhibit. It was great to see him after more than half a year. And seeing his photos as part of the exhibit made me feel so proud of him. But what surprised me was seeing a photo of me in the exhibit! I was really surprised! It was a photo taken by Terry Conceja during our funshoot in Baguio City last year. Mr. Manny introduced us to the best wedding photographer in the Philippines, Mr. Lito Sy.
Lito Sy and Badeedadee Marl looking
over at Manny Librodo's iPad

Since Manny's hotel is just behind the mall, we just walked him off while catching up with him with our stories. We had a great conversation with him in the lobby of his hotel before we walked back to our condo. Yes, our condo is also walking distance from Megamall. But before we went back home, Manny invited us to attend his seminar the next day after.

One of my photos by Manny Librodo
during his presentation
So on Monday, May 30, we woke up early to attend Mr. Librodo's talk at the Photo Congress 2010. We sat next to Lito Sy and his only daughter, Leann, in the front row. It was such an engaging and inspiring talk. And yes, I felt a bit shy and humbled when I knew that he included few of my photos in his presentation. I blushed when he acknowledged my presence and asked me to stand up before the crowded room. I helped him draw the winners for his exhibit photos, too. And even though he extended from his alloted time, everyone forgot their lunch and was glued to their seats and couldn't get enough of his session. Lito Sy treated us for a sumptuous lunch at Dad's along with Manny Librodo and Keda Feng. I asked him different questions and he unwillingly answered and shared his knowledge and experiences over lunch. What a "filling" lunch! :)

We went back to the seminar hall where the famous wedding videographer Jason Magbanua was having his seminar talk. I was so lucky to listen to him because I'm interested in making videos. And I was so surprised to see a long-lost friend of mine who is now a known makeup artist, Madge Lejano. And I was more surprised to know how she is related to my idol, Jason Magbanua. But ahmmm... I will stop my tongue on that topic. :-)

Top: Me at the WPPP's Awards Night; With Marl & Manny Librodo;
Bottom: Our family with Lito Sy; Jason Magbanua & me
Because we were with Sir Manny, we were automatically invited at the WPPP's Awards Night held at Ibarra's in Timog, Quezong City. And not only that. We were invited to sing for the event, too! Weeeee! I sang one of my personal favorites, "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". And when they called out for "more", I invited my husband Marl to sing a Miss Saigon song called "The Last Night Of The World". He later on sang another inspiring song called "You Raise Me Up". It was a great experience to sing to a room full of cameras and flashes! :-)

Marl chitchatting with Keda Feng
It was a night literally filled with BIG awards. We were seated at the VIP table and was asked not to stand and get our food from the buffet because our food will be served. TARAYYYY! :) Mr. Lito Sy bagged the Photographer of the Year 2010 among other big winners. We had a really great time! And this experience wouldn't be possible if it wasn't because of a great friend, Manny Librodo. :) THANK YOU SIR!!! =)

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