Through The Lens of Jay Ismail

I first met Jay Ismail online through one of the modeling sites I usually frequent to where one can be connected to different creative people in the fashion, photography, and modeling industry. His sophisticated approach that goes into intricate details made me fall with his photography. Then 2010 came, and finally, we had a chance to work together. And I was able to finally meet and know more about this talented photographer from Malaysia. It was really fun working with him. And we've been very good friends since then.

When we had a quick trip to KL last June, he's one of the few people we had met up. Of course, we met up in his studio where Marl asked him thousand-and-one questions about shooting billboard (in preparation for Marl's billboard shoot with Ara Mina). This guy shoots billboards for some known brands like Ed Hardy. And of course, we had a very quick shoot again. I just love shooting with him because I KNOW that he'll do a great job with it. :)

Yesterday, he tweeted me at around 3-4AM and sent a BBM to Marl, too. He said that he woke up in a middle of a good sleep because he dreamed of something weird... that he was visiting a zoo with Marl, Selena, and me. The weirdest part of that was... he was speaking Tagalog fluently. Hahaha! So he wasn't able to go back to sleep and played with some of my old photos in his archive. And damn!!! They turned out really great and really portfolio-worthy! I totally love his work!!! Thank you, bro!

Visit his website at to view some of his great shots. But, tell me, what do you think about these shots? Leave a comment below or tweet me! :)

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