POSSESSED - The Conclusion (a Noytube video collab)

I love doing video collaboration projects with my friends, especially with my fellow Noytubers! Noytube is actually a community of Filipino channels on Youtube... piNOY-youTUBE = NOYTUBE... gets??? If not, click on this link and just let the video load in the background while you continue reading my blog. :)

I'm so excited to share this recent video collab of the founder of Noytube, Jason Telmo a.k.a. chinaeyes22. Jason and I started a great friendship online through Youtube. This talented director, producer, and video editor is actually making his passion his living... he works at ABS-CBN's media department and he does the promo plugs of the network. And he's one of the persons that I'd really meet up whenever I go back to the Philippines... he's my idol-bestfriend, hence we call each other "idolbes".

Jason likes to keep the Noytube community active, hence he would do video collab projects that includes characters from different parts of the world. And this recent video collab project called "POSSESSED" is just one fun series to look forward to. 

When he did the pilot episode for this series, he also asked some of us if we can do our bit and act really silly like being possessed by his character, chinaeyes22. Of course I said "yes" and fully committed myself to it. And then... he sent our different "possessed" parts. And I was like... WOOAHHH-KAYYYY... DAMMIT! Hahaha! But knowing Jason' funny touch and great abilities in video editing, I gave him my full trust. Just like the rest of the Noytubers he had asked favor from. And boy, I had soooo much fun doing my crazy bit! =)

So without much further ado, here's the the video that I'm talking about. And I would really recommend you to watch the whole of it. But if you're getting bored and wanna see my 'possessed' bit, jump to frame 3:28 until 3:36. No one has ever made me to act like this on camera... only my idolbes, Jason. So now, you can witness the silly, possessed side of Sarita. Laugh if you must. LOL!

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