The Night Before The Tragic Easter Attacks in Sri Lanka

URB Band at Sapphyr Lounge Taken exactly a week ago, that Saturday night before that fateful Easter tragedy that struck our home, Sh...

Divine Elegance by Badeedadee

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With a creepy setting, it was an attempt to go darker - literally and figuratively - under the scorching heat of the midday sun, with a sprinkle of divinity and elegance... hence, I titled this set as such.

Thank you so much to these creative individuals who have participated in our final funshoot... this year organized by Badeedadee Photography! :-)

  • Adrian Mendoza
  • Maela Claire Simpao
  • Joyce "Chin-Chin" Chua
  • Marlon Faller
  • Angelo Bautista
  • Billy Galang
  • Bong Casero
  • Lawrz Libo-on
  • Jay Fuerzas
  • William Rivera
  • Edward Inocencio
Special thanks to Christine Dior Valdecanas for the snacks & meals. And to my brother Chris Sy with his friend Tony for being our dedicated assistants for the day. :)
The wacky group hug! 

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