Surprising Mini-Me

She didn't know that we were going back a week after she went back to Manila from Beijing. We kept it a top secret. It was so funny whenever we'd slip our tongues and unintentionally blurt out something about the top secret holiday. But it's good that she would often be too busy on her Mac or her Android to even eavesdrop to what me & Marl were talking about.

Anyway, she was vacationing at my mom's place in Paco, Manila. And as per my instructions, she was supposed to meet with Marl's sis at McDonald's infront of her school to buy her textbooks and uniforms last Tuesday, May 24. It's also the same day that we were coming back from Cebu. When I walked in the fastfood resto, I could see how surprised she was. She couldn't react loudly and was instead abashed that she was surprised by me. LOL. This was maybe the 3rd time that we had surprised her and it always works everytime. :-)

She will start her school for the 6th grade in June 8. And I'm just as excited as she is, preparing her things for school and helping her out with everything. Then I suddenly realized... I missed school. LOL.
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