Vote for Badeedadee Marl at the 2010 Manny Librodo Awards!

I've said this before and I'll say this again - I'm a fan of my husband's work. Not because I'm his muse most of the time (coz he has no choice LOL), but because he's really talented in his passion which is photography. And I'm always supportive of him in whatever he does - just like as he's supportive to what I do, too. And that's why our sweet tandem has been quite known to most of our friends, and fans alike. 

And there are times when my moral support can't suffice his need for support. Because he needs YOUR support, too. And this time, for the 2010 Manny Librodo Awards. It's very simple and you just have to follow these steps:

Badeedadee's entry: #56 Human Canvas. Vote now!
Step 1: Please LIKE Manny Librodo Photography page first. You cannot vote unless you do so. Then press BACK on your browsers to follow Step 2.
Step 2: Then LIKE Marlou's top entry: #56 Human Canvas.
Step 3: Click previous and LIKE his other entry: #57 Sundar.
Step 4: Feel free to leave comment on his entries.
Step 5: LIKE Badeedadee Photography page on FB (optional). 

You can spread the word and vote until January 25, 2010 sooo LET'S DO THIS, GUYS! WOOHOOOOO!

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