I'm an Android noob - for now! :)

'Andy' and me

So my plans of buying an iPad last year was interfered by my unexpected long holiday back home. Wasn't intending to buy an iPhone 4 either coz I just got my iPhone 3GS around May 2010 - and I'm still quite happy with it. So last holiday season was not a good time to buy any gadgets or gifts for myself because I just went back to work and was almost broke (yeah true!) - left most of my money in my bank in the Philippines and vowed not to touch the ATM card unless for emergency.

After getting our first month salary here, after paying all the bills, I was already itching to buy a new gadget addiction. But I couldn't decide if I'd get an iPad because I heard that iPad2 is coming out soon or get an Android device - Samsung Galaxy Tab - just to get an Android experience.

'Andy' getting charged up
I've said it before and I'll say it again - Zhongguancun is a heavenly place for gadget freaks like me. Of course, the Silicon Valley of China houses hundreds of shops and retailers that sell different kinds of gadgets. Name the brand and the model number, you'll find it there... and their knock-off versions!

I went around and looked for a 7"Android device (I find iPad too big to put in my purse) that runs Eclair 2.1, with at least 256 MB RAM, has a WiFi, a front camera (for video chats) and different ports that other branded devices lack. Then I found a Galaxy Tab look-alike and what they call an iPad clone, too, that has better screen response than its counterparts, and has a sturdier feel. It's an Aoson, an Android tablet that's made in China - and I'm giving it a cute name "Andy". And with a price tag of US $150, it came with an 8GB TF card (for expansion) and a cute folder-type case that doubles as a stand for the gadget. Although it has a non-multi-touch screen, it also has a trackball by the side - for whatever reason it may be. Also an Esc, Menu, Power for 'go back to previous', app menu, and power - respectively. Sweet!

Already installed some apps on it and liking it so far. Like my iPhone, it's always with me - even when I'm multitasking in the toilet. The only downside is that there's no working VPN or proxy tool for it so that I can login to Facebook or tweet with Twitdroyd. But for now, it's serving as a mobile surfing gadget (like my iPhone) and an e-book reader (which my iPhone can't perform well)... until I find the right VPN. Will continue to install more apps and let's see if it's blows up or something. LOL.

Now if you'll excuse me... I still need to finish the book that I'm reading on "Andy"... while I anxiously wait for the iPad2 to come out. :)

'Andy' right out of the box
'Andy' looking neat in his leather 'jacket'
Getting the Android feeling
The shop at Zhongguancun selling all kinds of gadgets

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Unknown said...

makes me remember when d time we worked in beijing back in 2001. Even though no tablets introduced yet early year 2000, but i got crazy with the gadgets that time (discman/walkman/handphones). Cant imagine right now when there's a lot of tablets and latest smartphones! Grrrr...

i wish im in china right now. I would love to get a tablet also. Double sighhhh....

p/s - glad to know you're doing great in China! Take care sister!

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