Now that there are 13 zodiac signs, what am I now?

Just because you're naked doesn't mean
you can rain on my parade, Ophiuchus.
WHAAAAT?!?!?! There's a 13th zodiac sign just because there was a rearrangement on the skies?!?!

That's what I blurted out when my daughter told me that we (both of us) are no longer under the zodiac sign of Libra because we are now under the sign of Virgo. Apparently, the moon's gravitational pull on the Earth has changed our planet's position around its axis. This resulted into a different alignment of the stars on the sky, which makes it "off" by a month. Hence, the birth of the 13th zodiac sign called Ophiuchus.

And because of the naked new guy with a serpent appearing right before our naked eyes across the skies, I'm downgraded from Libra to Virgo. Not that I have anything against Virgo, it's just that I prefer and I believe that I'm a Libra from birth on Sept. 29, 1978. I mean, just like you, I have lived my entire life believing that I'm a Libran and although science has enough facts to prove it, I'm still not moving an inch from being a Libran. I know I am a Libran!

Does this mean that my characteristics, attributes, and every inch that I am should now be changed to Virgo? I guess this should only apply to those born this year, don't you think so? What happens to those people like me who have been avid fans of their own zodiac signs, or worse, have believed to have been guided by their horoscopes for their entire life? Do I throw away my books, keychains, and bookmarks that has my sign Libra on them? No no no!!!

There are so many questions and speculations right now. But there's one thing I'm thankful for... for having the right decision to not to ink the sign of Libra onto my body. I've always thought that having a Tweetie-bird-cum-third-eye tattoo on my nape has its hidden purpose. Now I finally know what it is. It's all because of Ophiuchus. Daym.

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Anonymous said...

This Scorpio isn't changing a thing! Doesn't matter what you or astrologers say, I am a Scorpio. End of discussion.