11-page feature for fashion spread in MYBatik magazine

Sarita Carreon for MYBatik's Special Raya issue
Remember in June when I had a photoshoot for a magazine which wasn't really the best experience yet something that we all have learned from? Well, it's finally out - yay for that! But it only came out when I already went back to the Philippines - boo on that. I would have appreciated an SMS or anything to let me know that the magazine is already out but no one from the magazine informed me. If it weren't for my friend Reen, whom I have asked favor from to check the major bookstores every now and then, I wouldn't have known that it's already out. (Love ya, Reen!)

Anyway, bygones.

MYBatik, priced at RM18, is a quarterly published magazine that talks about the different issues, lifestyle, and fashion related to the batik arts and/or batik cloths and clothings. And I'm fortunate enough that my photos for the fashion spread of the said magazine are on its 11 pages (+1 for inside back cover - not included here) for its special Raya issue, the 11th issue for the months of August, September, and October. The photo on the right is the cover where it has Yang Terama Mulia Tunku Syed Razman on it. You can go buy them at famous bookstores in KL like MPH. And if you have spare pocket money, I'd appreciate a copy (since I'm not there to buy 20 magazines LOL!). And you can also visit their website.

Kudos to MYBatik magazine for the outstanding photos and of course to my friend, Reen, who have toured the different MPH bookstores even before this issue was published and for capturing the pages through her digital camera and sending the photos to me via email.

Here are the photos from the said magazine (click to appreciate) :)

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