Guess who are on a BIG billboard in Malaysia?

Space U8 Mall billboard ad
Yes, it's Marl and I!!! Weeeee! Our recent big project in Malaysia is now out just before we left Malaysia. Space U8 Mall management contacted my husband Marl and me to be the models for the ad. Marl was hesitant at first, but he was convinced eventually.

And mind you, it's not just an ad... it's a BIG BILLBOARD AD! Weeeeeeee! The billboard - hopefully not the only one - is situated at the Batu 3 Hi-way. It also appeared in lightboxes at the Batu 3 toll gate going to Shah Alam.

For the fun of it, we went to the billboard's location along with my godmom Susana and my good friend Reen. :)

We would like to thank our friends Imelda and Terry Teo for this great opportunity. Thank you sooooo much! Visit Space U8 site for more info about the mall.

Note: This video was made purely just for fun & for personal use.

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robert nacion said...

WOW! as in wow.. am so proud of you saritac and marl.. job well doned. :)

~*.*~ SaRiTa ~*.*~ said...

Salamat po, Robert! :)