Selena in KL - Day 3 (and thyroid test results)

We all woke up at 9:30AM. We were fetched by our friend, Aziq at 10:30AM. We were going to Putrajaya Hospital for my checkup results from the thyroid aspiration that was done a month ago. Guess what? My thyroid cyst is benign and not malignant at all - in other words, not cancerous. Thank God!

After my checkup, we took some photos at the Putrajaya bridge and headed off to Tansri Arrifin's office (Aziq's dad). Then we went to Midvalley mall. I was looking forward for some window shopping but Aziq managed to "drag" me to go for a foot spa & body massage at the neighboring hotel, Cititel. I usually don't like foot spa or reflexology because it's not relaxing at all - it's never relaxing for me and would never be! It's just too painful! Maybe I've got lots of ailments in my body that's why every point was painful. Reflexology for me is a form of torture! LOL.

The body massage was relaxing and the Chinese lady who was doing it really did a great job in making me nap for a while. They then served me a bowl of some fruit soup (?) and I waited for Marl, Aziq and Selena to pick me up again.

When they came back to pick me up, Aziq suggested that Marl should try the fish foot spa. It was sooooo funny because of Marl's reaction. It's so ticklish because the moment you sink in our feet in the water, the small fishes eat the dead skin cells from your feet. Marl couldn't take it and just lasted for about 15 minutes. Aziq wanted me to try but I didn't want to. LOL. So Aziq sent us back to the hotel so we could rest.

At around 5:30PM, Selena was fetched by our godmom Susana. Marl and I tried to take a short nap before our gig. We took our dinner from the Lemon Garden buffet while we had our brainstorming with Marina (Lobby Lounge captain).

It was a great night at the lobby. I brought back my jolly character onstage and I think everyone loved it. I think I lost a bit of it and now, I've decided to bring back the bubbly Sarita that everyone knew.

By the way, our friend Wayne is back in KL (from Sydney) for a surprise visit, he came on Sunday night and boy, was I really surprised! :-)

Havin' a early night again... tah-tah... nite nite!

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