Selena in KL - Day 2

The princessette starting tugging me again to wake up at 12:30PM. But I made her sleep again and she woke up at around 3PM with me as well! LOL.

Today was my off so Selena was very excited to go for a swim. At around 4PM and after our 'breakfast', we were already by poolside, but since it was going to rain at around 5:30PM, we just went back to the room and had her watch some cartoon movies first. We had dinner together then at 10PM, we went to the Renaissance Hotel to check out the Sweetlove Band, who are also active members of PMN.

At around 11:30PM, our other friends arrived and we played Jenga (blocks) until 2AM. Selena was so eager to play with them. We then went back to the hotel and had an early night. Need to wake up early tomorrow at 9:30AM for my thyroid checkup.

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