Horseback Riding of the Energizer Girl

Managed to drag ourselves from bed at noontime. I got a little bit confused as to what to wear for the day. My friend Edyn came just in time. It was raining a bit when we left the hotel to catch the van that would be our service for the whole day.

We were in the van with other musicians from Concorde and I think I was the only one with a fully recharged battery - in my body, that is. Everyone else was sleepy while I talked nonstop and nonsense-ly.

We arrived the luncheon of Terry and Imelda Teoh for Space U8 Mall in Shah Alam after almost an hour of trip. Endless photos here and there while we took our lunch. The Indonesian Batak Boys performed for a few songs while the rest of us - singers - do our own contribution... DANCE! LOL

It was almost 4PM when we all headed to their ranch for the highlight of the day - horseback riding. Again, most of them all occupied the seats in the ranch while Aretha and I go and checked out the horses first.

There were around 9 horses in their ranch (there are more in their other ranch). It's my first time to ever come near an animal  other than dogs and cats, face to face. I realized how beautiful the horses are and when I look in their eyes, I feel for them. But I can also feel the strength inside them. They want to run unbridled and set loose and free. Why do I know? I was born the year of the horse.

So anyway, I was second in line to ride the horse. The space for horseback riding wasn't that big but enough for the 'basics'. And yes, it's my very first time to ride a horse. EVER. But yeah, after knowing the basics from the instructor, I rode the white horse named Dato K like it wasn't my first time at all. Well thankfully, the instructor was just nearby and was telling me what to do with Dato K. The other white horse is named Siti Nurhaliza which was ridden by our friends' son, Joshua. Dato K and Siti Nurhaliza in the ranch - for reall! :-)

After my turn, none of my friends would dare to ride the horse so we just had drinks over to the side of the ranch while still seeing the other visitors who would like to ride the horses and while overlooking the distant view of the KL city. The guys were in the van taking some short naps. We were just watching while Joshua was still riding Siti Nurhaliza (that didn't sound right LOL). Joshua was still riding the horse named Siti Nurhaliza (sounds better). Suddenly, Siti Nurhaliza sped off thus throwing little Joshua on the ground. We were all shocked when we saw that. But knowing that Joshua was OK, it made us breathe easy again.

We finished the day by having a great sumptuous dinner with everybody. Terry and Imelda's little adorable Jasmine was beside me all the time. I enjoyed playing with her, she's 5 years old. Everyone had a great time and I surely did. On the way back to the hotel, the Energizer girl still couldn't stop talking. I just kept going and going.

And going. LOL.

PS: Please keep posted for the photos and videos - THIS WEEK!

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Unknown said...

Nice to see you and the band get out and have a little fun.

And such a harrowing moment with the horse just speeding off like that. That has to be the scariest thing about horseback riding. Glad Joshua is okay.

I'll be back for the next part!