Who doesn't love shoes? If you do, then you must be from the Neanderthal times. 

Shoes and bags are my weaknesses. I don't get to use them quite a lot because I also am loyal to my "favorites". But seeing that I have them gives me a sense of satisfaction. Is that bad? I don't think so.

Take for example, my working shoes, or shoes that I use every night at work. They need to be sturdy and comfortable and they have to have a strap around the ankle so they wouldn't fall off my feet when I start dancing. I could buy different kinds of black shoes but they really need to be comfortable. When I'm in KL, I also have my dancing shoes custom-made.

I like to play dress-up when I'm off from work. I have lots of dresses from my now-defunct SMC Republic boutique, but I only brought some of them with me. I love skirts and cute dresses and of course, I would always need shoes to match them. When I'm in KL, I'm always tempted to buy shoes/sandals from Vincci - or what we call in the Philippines, VNC. They're much cheaper here than in Manila.

When I came to KL in mid-January this year, I left most of my shoes in Manila and just brought 3 pairs: dancing shoes, sandals and sneakers. But now, I have 8 more pairs! LOL.

If you want to know my shoe size and want to DONATE some of your unused ones to me, my shoe size is 6, or European size 37. Give 'em to me babyyyyy! LOL.

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