What do you want from the URB band?

Since the U.R.B. has set foot back to our favorite hotel,  Shangri-La KL, we have been 'tamed' down from the usual U.R.B. like how we used to be. It was okay, because as I said before, U.R.B. can adjust easily to what our job calls for. 

We were told that we need to wear long gown, so we did - every night. But people and our regular guests from the past complained as the gown limited our performances and expression to most songs that they'd like to hear and see.

U.R.B. band's repertoire boasts almost 2,000 songs from different genres, so there shouldn't be any problem in dealing with different requests. Eighty to ninety percent of what we play every night are mostly requested songs. So here, we were told to only play easy listening songs. But still, the crowd knows what we are capable of, based on our previous performances. But they get disappointed because as they said, our sound sucks. They expect better, if not the best sound system among the hotels here. Shangri-La Hotel is a 5-star hotel anyway.

So, if we have to put our guests' needs first, majority would have wanted us to "go back" to the old U.R.B. style. But then again, it's the management who hired us and who would pay us. We're torn between these choices, really.

What do you want from the U.R.B. band? Leave a comment or just send me email at webmaster@saritaonline.com. 

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