Power Couple Joins KCK Fun Run 2018

THE FUN RUNNERSJoshua, Brandon, James, Jasmine, Edlyn, Imelda, Marl, and Myself
After a busy night at work entertaining a Saturday night crowd at the Lobby Lounge, we were fetched by our friends Imelda and Terry together with our friend Edlyn, to bring us to their place so we could easily all go together to the venue of the fun run. But upon reaching their place, instead of sleeping, we ate supper and talked until we felt tired. Luckily, we had a very quick nap just before our alarm set off at 5AM.

At around 5:30AM, we were picked up by Brandon, a staff at Terry's company Pembinaan Tetap Teguh (PTT), and brought us to the venue in Klang where the fun run would take place. When we arrived there, there were already lots of people in red shirts, some in blue. However, since the three of us (Marl, Edlyn, and myself) are just joiners or what we call "saling pusa", we didn't have spare t-shirts from the fun run. But we didn't come empty handed because we also wore red shirts so we won't feel "different" at all. LOL!

The 8KM runners started 15 minutes ahead of us 4KM runners. But the funny thing that happened during the 4KM kick off was people started running as the host just started the countdown. I was confused to run as well, but I remember what they said, "if you can't beat them, just join them", so I ran but quickly realized that I have lost my friends among the red shirt runners. But glad to have caught up with them right away.

Before the fun run, I have already visualized what would happen and knowing myself with a crazy bunch of friends, I was right. What I'm talking about is all the bloopers and crazy antics that would come up eventually. Watch the video below to know what happened... and enjoy! 😊

We would like to thank Teo Swee Phin and Kuya Terry Teo for inviting us to be a part of the fun event. Also, I would like to congratulate Dato Paul Lim of Premiumlogy for a successful fun run event!

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