My Forever 25-At-40 Surprise Party

THE PITCHES (left to right)
Cherry, Anna, Cheryl, Imelda, Princess, Joanne, Jel, Edlyn, Hawa, me, and Marl

What a great surprise! This is how my dear pitches celebrated my Forever-25-At-40th Birthday!

I actually wanted a very low key celebration, preferably just a simple fast food dinner would have been great. Maybe because I was more concerned about the surprise birthday party I prepped up for my baby girl, Selena - which was successful by the way (thanks to the Selena Babies and Geca Morales of Single Cafe & Concept Store).

That's why I was so happy when my friend Imelda invited me for a simple birthday dinner at Pavilion Mall in Bukit Bintang on the day after my birthday, which fell on an off day. What I didn't know was she and my husband Marl have been in contact with my crazy squad, who call ourselves "Pitches", and they organized a surprise birthday bash for me at Bello Restaurant - which was on its last day of existence in Pavilion coincidentally. They literally really "closed down" after we left the restaurant during the mall's closing hours!

Anyway, it was a super happy gathering. They had balloons and bouquet of chocolates for me, I also had to wear a crown and sash - which I literally wore along Bukit Bintang after the party! Really made me feel so special. The food was surprising great and they gave us some free stuff like coffee and an extra chicken pasta dish. And I went back home with lots of gifts from them and big smile on my face that's been causing all this glow on my face for almost 2 weeks now. All these little surprises and friends remembering my special day, really really made me happy. And that's what matters most in this day and age... TRUE HAPPINESS FROM WITHIN.

Watch the video below to see what had transpired that day, with a bonus video of the midnight birthday surprise from the management and staff of the Lobby Lounge at the Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur. You can view the photos here.

Thank you so much, my Pitches! ❤️

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