Power Couple Travels is now on Youtube!


After a long time of indecision, Power Couple Travels is now on Youtube - FINALLY! You all know that I've been sharing our travel videos from my main social media accounts. Sometimes on our Power Couple Travels accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And on Youtube, I just use my main SARITAC account to share our travel videos which gets mixed with my other contents. Then one day, I have read that it's definitely better to have a separate account to each interest that you might have so they don't get mixed up like what happened on my Youtube account. So we tested creating a separate Youtube account for our travels and I guess it's better to stay this way.

So now, I'm happy to finally announce that we are keeping our Youtube account. YES! And lately, I have updated it with an old travel video we have shared before. So, I'm planning to merge old travel video clips into a more straight-to-the-point version, so that instead of seeing some bullshits and stuff that are uninteresting, people can see a more informative version this time.

But for now, I need a little help from my friends as we need more subscribers for our new channel before I can change into a custom URL. So for now, kindly click on the photo above or click on this link to subscribe and to check out our channel:

Thank you and can't wait to share more travel videos to all of you!

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Power Couple Travels on Youtube

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