Great Asian Adventure: 1 - Arrival in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Finally, uploaded this first episode of our Great Asian Adventure series! It was a challenge editing a video like this on an iPhone because I didn't bring my laptop with ne. And I've been contemplating on whether to make a long video that would sum up a day's adventure. But there's just too much to share and to show so I broke the day down to the places we went to. Fully documented but trying to be concised in a way. So in this first episode, I just wanted to show you how our adventure officially began.

We left Kuala Lumpur with our friends Reen & Betty on March 2, 2016. They'd only be joining in Chiang Mai as they don't have the luxury of time to follow us in our next adventures. And it was really fun having some travel buddies around! When we arrived Chiang Mai, the first thing we did was to get a local tourist 4G SIM card from True mobile with unlimited internet for 10 days for 400 baht each, one for me and one for hubby. Reen and Betty decided not to get theirs since they'd only be away for 3 days.

We really didn't know where to go to but we know that we needed to go to the city center or central first to have our breakfast and to decide on things. Our local taxi ride asked for 50 baht each and the 4 of us were crammed inside together with 3 other passengers. There was a bit of a struggle to haggle the price as the driver couldn't speak nor understand English.

We didn't book any accommodation so we also didn't know where to stay. Yes, we have listed some guesthouses in our itinerary but since we're not familiar of Chiang Mai yet, we needed to be there to locate guesthouses "near me" while we were having our breakfast. Afterwards, we hired a tuktuk ride to take us to different places for about 3 hours for 600 baht. But first, we went to scout for a guesthouse but our first choice in the list was already full so we went to our second choice which was Ban Wiang Guesthouse. At only 450 baht for a night, we just had a fan room since it gets cold in Chiang Mai at night, but with free WiFi, big room, TV, fridge, and our own toilet. Plus, we were given a keycard for the security access at night. We could actually save a lot sharing a big room for the 4 of us but of course, we booked 2 rooms. Not bad for its cost actually.

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