And the Great Adventure Begins!

And The Great Asian Adventure Begins (March 2016)

Yes, after finishing our initial 6-month contract with Shangri-la KL, Marl & I have decided to travel - backpacking style! And not just travel in Malaysia or the Philippines, but this time, we are traveling to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam... which I call our "Great Asian Adventure".

Too bad, our first day of holiday fell on the second day of the March. It would have been less confusing if Day 1 also meant March 1, and not March 2. See? Confusing isn't it? But well, anyway, we can't do anything much about it now, can we? LOL. Since I have so much to share and to blab about, I'm gonna break each day into parts. This way, I can highlight all our adventure and not rush through blogging. Since we'd be busy most of the time with traveling and seeing places the whole day, I'm gonna be having my blogging and video editing whenever time - and WiFi - permits. I have uploaded some teaser videos and photos on my Instagram account every day of the adventure. You might wanna check it out, too.

WATCH OUT FOR THE PHOTOS, VIDEOS, and ALMOST-DETAILED BLOG POSTS on my TRAVELOGUE PAGE - which you can find from the links above (drop-down menu for mobile devices) or CLICK BELOW.

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