Sarita Carreon for Vonage Pinoy Care TVC

Here's the Vonage TV commercial that is currently airing in the US and Canada right now. I think it's aired over The Filipino Channel (TFC) and GMAtv, as most of my friends and relatives on the other side of the world have already seen it.

I had a great and fun time shooting this TVC because most of the people behind this were those I have worked with. The caster was Mercator, whom I have worked with for Royco TVC. The assistant director was Direk Melvin, who have assisted the shoot of my Celine TVC. And the director was the same great director who directed by Biogesic TVC. Plus, the client and the production people were so easy to work with. So even though this is the first TVC that I have done with speaking lines, it was such a breeze that we finished after 6 hours of shoot.

This is the second international TVC that I have done after my Indonesian TVC for Royco. Although it's a Filipino TVC, it's not shown here in the Philippines. But thanks to the internet, the world has really become smaller! Please enjoy watching this and feel free to share it with your friends and relatives. CHEERS!

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