Getting (Black)Berry Busy This Christmas

I have been an avid Apple/iPhone user since 2007. And hubby has been a Blackberry user for more than a month now. He was so happy when got his Blackberry Bold 9780 because it reminded him of being a Palm user for years - before switching to iPhone.

He knows that I'm curious about the world of Blackberry and he certainly knows that I'm gonna be verrrrry busy in the Philippines with all the things I want to do. And that's why he decided to give me Blackberry Curve 8900 this Christmas - because he thinks it's a perfect tool for me and of course, wants to share his happiness with me. Also, most of our friends are using Blackberry phones in Malaysia and the Philippines. Now I'll be able to get in touch with them through BBM or Blackberry Messenger.

This is also in preparation for our long, indefinite break back home. We found out that there's a great Blackberry prepaid plan from Globe called BBMAX wherein a Blackberry user can enjoy unlimited email, BBM, social networking (Twirtter, Facebook, etc), instant messaging, and mobile browsing for 30 days - all for only 600 pesos! Great deal and great savings for us!!! But the promo runs until end of December 2011 only, so I hope we will still be able to reach the irresistible promo!

Oh my! My dear hubby just made my life (black)berrrrry busy! I ain't complaining, though! I love gifts and blessings! Thank you, my dear!!!

PS: I'm not a switcher. I still have my iPhone and love it. Guess sometimes, it's just great to have the best of both worlds, eh? :)

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